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Featured Users

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Отправлено 31 Январь 2014 - 19:04

This application will allow you to add a member/members to the featured list. That would be ideal imho to reward your most active and/or popular members by placing them at the featured list. 

Users added to the featured users list will appear randomly. Every time that the forum page is refreshed a different user will appear. Anytime that an user has been added to the featured users list, he/she will receive a notification about it.

You can display the featured users list at the top of your forum index, bottom or sidebar. You can also enable and disable the application, choose the group/s that you want to view them and as last but not least you can also control the avatar size of the featured users.
Installation: To install the application, unzip the mod package and upload the contents of the admin folder inside your admin folder keeping the structure intact. Then go to your Admin Panel->Applications & Modules->Manage Applications & Modules and on the right side where it says: Applications Not Installed you will see a new application added called: Featured Users. Click on the install button.

To configure it go to the Other Apps tab then from the drop down list choose Featured Users and it will take you to the Application 's Management Area area where you can add featured users and set the settings.

Under the Configuration Tab you can:

1) Add users to appear at the featured users list.

2) Add a note, (optional), to let your users know why that particular user has been added to the featured users list.

3) Manage the featured users and the notes.

Then at the Settings Tab you can set the settings for the following options:

1) Enable/Disable the application.

2) Choose the position where you would like to display the featured users block. At the top, bottom or sidebar.

3) Choose the group/s that you want to view the featured users.

4) Choose the avatar size of the featured users.

Configure everything accordingly to your needs/likings.
For more info on how the application looks like when being used, please check out the attached screenshots.

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