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Simplify delivers a clean, fresh and minimalist feel throughout the

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  • Offer your users the power to instantly change your forums color scheme live & on-the-fly

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  • Alternatively, you can disable the color picker and choose your own global color scheme from the admin control panel.
  • Powered purely by javascript and CSS so it's quick and light-weight. No need for multiple images! Works in all browsers plus IE7!
  • All custom Javascript and CSS code is minified (compressed) to reduce file size & server load.
  • The custom icons in Simplify are all compiled into CSS sprites. This speeds up the skin by reducing HTTP requests.
  • The full original and layered Photoshop document is included within the download package free of charge!
  • Add custom social media icons to the skin allowing direct access to various social networks!
  • Icons included with the skin include - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, PayPal, Skype, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Youtube & Lastfm.
  • Add, remove and customize the URL of the icons ALL through the ACP Skin settings page!
  • By default, the Simplify logo is purely HTML & CSS thus offering an easier to manage, SEO friendly and light-weight solution.
  • Change your site title and sub-title right in the skin settings page in the admin control panel!
  • Alternatively, administrators can switch to an image based logo through the skin settings page. A logo PSD is included in the download package.
Extensive Skin Documentation & Support
  • The download package includes a documentation folder which contains numerous informative and helpful tips such as how to install the skin, or how to add your own social icons!
What's included?
  • FULL original layered PSD and Logo PSD!
  • Skin documentation & FAQ's
  • Skin, Images & Settings XML's
Does it work with IPS add-ons?
Simplify has been tested with the following applications:
  • Calendar
  • Gallery
  • Blog
  • Downloads
  • Tracker
  • Nexus
  • Chat

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