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Elegantly showcase forum topics with the powerful Topic Slider. 
The never ending (and regularly updated) feature list...
  • Style your slider with a selection of web safe fonts. 
  • Built in colour picker allows you to customise your slider on the fly.
  • Style the Topic title: colour, font size, and alignment. 
  • Style the Description: colour, font size, and alignment.
  • Style the Caption which holds your content.
  • Style anything to do with the slider.
  • Position the Slider across your global template, board index or Index sidebar.
  • Select Member groups that will have permission to view the Slider.
  • Select Forums to which the Slider will retrieve your Topics.
  • Effects, from totally random to box effects. 
  • Auto advance, change Slide Pausing, and timings.
  • Edit slide Topic titles and Descriptions. Their length, and whether they should display.
  • Post count on slides - perfect to show the popular topics. 
  • Enable Read More, Topic Ratings, Pinned, Views and Best Answer Topics.
  • Set a View count in which you are able to create a Topic Featured badge.
  • Languages are editable - allowing you to change everything you see. E.g, 'Featured' 'Views' 'Read More' etc.
  • Control the Image Height, Width.
  • Control the Caption Height.
  • Control the Slider wrapper width.
  • IP Content Block included to use across your IP Content Site.
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 - Specifically designed for IP Content. 
Have a question or request? Post in the Topic Slider support.

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