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[DNO] Remind user to keep email updated

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Отправлено 22 Февраль 2014 - 15:34

Creates a global message to users to remind them to keep their email updated. Useful in communities where members are used to logging in with their username and may have forgotten to update their email.
Message will stay until they have answered. Upon choosing either option the message will disappear for the next X days. 
Choosing "yes" takes you to the page for changing your email.
Choosing "no" just removes the message and takes you back to the page you were on.
  • Upload file changeEmailRequest.php to the folder admin/applications/forums/modules_public/extras/ in your forum root folder.
  • Go to AdminCP -> System tab -> Applications & Modules -> Hooks and press "Install hook" button.
  • With the file browser opened in your web browser, find dno_requestupdatemail34.xml file in this folder and upload it.
  • You’ll find the settings in System Settings -> DNO Hooks -> Update Your Mail Request. You need to turn on the hook from there.
Please note: The uploaded file IS required. I could probarby have made it without, but I just share something I’ve developed earlier and decided to «flush out» a bit for the sake of sharing. For our forums it’s better with most of the logic in «normal files» and not in hook files.
Notes / Usage
  • You can configure this hook from Systems Tab -> System Settings -> DNO Hooks -> Update Your Mail Request. 
  • The hook will install a language pack in core named public_dnoupdatemail. NOTE: The language strings are NOT used unless it’s chosen in the settings.
  • It will install the template bit «dnoRequestEmailUpdate» in template group «Global Templates» in your skins

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