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CJ Background Changer

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Отправлено 04 Март 2014 - 23:45

Ever found that awesome theme, and that one thing was missing that would've made it perfect wasn't there, A background changer. So you settled for a theme that had that, but wasn't quite as awesome as the other one. Well now folks, no more settling. Today, I am offering a universal background changer, that should work with any theme (I make no guarantee that there is a 100% compatibility as some themes might possess something I could not anticipate).
  • Select colors
  • Select Images
  • Add New Colors and New Images
  • Allows for adding in additional class for css that might be required for some background images or colors to work or appear properly with your theme
  • hiding from member groups 
so what are you waiting for? add a little color to your site with CJ Background Changer now! 

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