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In Memoriam: Steven Shaw

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Отправлено 10 Апрель 2014 - 05:13

The site eGullet.org was literally the first client of Invision Power Services when our company was founded over 12 years ago. Steven Shaw, along with his partner, stepped up and supported IPS in its first days and stayed with us all these years. They were our first paying client, our first hosting client, and often the first to get early betas of our releases.
It was with great sadness that I read today of the passing of Steven Shaw.

Steven was a friend and mentor to me personally. He advised me as IPS grew, provided valuable feedback, was our first attorney, and was always on board to hear out ideas. My first trip to New York City, my first cruise, and many great dining ideas were all based around his friendly advice. He honored me with a copy of his book when it was released. And of course he introduced me to the joys of Julia Child by shipping me some old recordings of her show.
Steven Shaw will be missed. I personally am in debt to his generosity and advice over the years as is IPS as a company.

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