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Fury is a professionally designed 3D interface styled skin. It's ideal for any gaming or graphical community!ИзображениеCompetition - Win 2 Skins for FREE!​Win two of my skins (of your choice) for free simply by leaving a review on this skins IPS Marketplace listing.I'll pick out two reviews that stand out the most to me and those customers will receive two skin's of their choice for free. I'll be looking for interesting and honest reviews that stand out from the others. No need to write an essay as well, a couple of sentences will do. The skins up for grabs can be seen as square logos in my signature. Just visit my profile to see them. Изображение

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  • Fury allows administrators to customize the skin in a variety of different ways through the ACP instantly making it stand out from other skins.
  • A full list of the available settings can be

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Text Based Logo
  • Switch to a purely text-based logo using this feature allowing for an easier and more light-weight option
  • Change your site title and sub-title right in the skin settings page in the admin cp!
What's included?
  • Skin documentation & FAQ's
  • Skin, Image & Settings XML's
Does it work with IPS addons?Yes! Pulse shares a similar colour scheme to the default skin so all the add-ons will work fine with it. This includes:
  • Calendar
  • Gallery
  • Blog
  • Downloads
  • Tracker
  • Nexus
  • Chat
Read before you purchase!
  • Whilst this skin is an upgrade from one of my IPB3.1 themes, the skin has been completely re-coded from scratch for IPB3.3, therefore previous customers of the old version will have to re-purchase. A 20% discount is available however - PM me for more information.
  • The minimum browser width supported by Fury is 1140px. If you purchase this skin, you're accepting that users with a resolution below this will not be able to view the full skin.
  • I'm not taking any custom work at the moment due to other commitments. I also have no plans to convert Fury to a different colour scheme at this moment in time. Please do not ask!

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