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Content Database Form Templates

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This Hook Will allow you to create and use custom Content Articles/Database submission forms per Database/Category.Tired of ripping up your skin to Customize a single database, or category submission form?Enjoy Ultimate control of your IP.Content Database, Articles, And Category Submission Forms.Features Include:
  • Native Template Help Relevant to the Form Templates.
  • A Stock Form Template upon adding a Form Template for both Databases and Articles, to give a quick jump-start into template modifications.
  • Lightweight: Uses native skin Template data and IP.Content Template Compilation.
  • Control: Choose whether to use the stock recordForm skin template, or a custom form template for any Database, Articles, or any Category individually without needing to dive into the skin to make heavy modifications with checks and additional skin templates.
  • Full control of the end user experience to both provide them with the best possible interface, and to help guide them through the creation of higher quality content via a purpose built submission form instead of a generic, user unfriendly stack of boxes they have to fill out.

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