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Отправлено 23 Июнь 2012 - 02:28

iSarah Authority

Authority is a design with a level of prestige, with a warm feeling and strong scent to it. It's designed with both beauty and classyness in mind. It can be used for professional or gaming or general communities, that want a design that feels warm and "Home" like.

Authority works on all apps:
IPBoard • Gallery • Content • Blogs • Chat • Calendar • Content

The post messages and forum background are decorated with a flame.
That flame can easily be modified with a image or logo of your own:

• The big flame on main background: Replace big_flame.png in the main Authority Images Folder.

• The small flame in message posts: Replace: post.png in the main Authority Images Folder.

For copyright removal or branding free, send me a message for more information.

Included is the .psd file for the logo, so it can be easily edited.

More screenshots can be found below.
Any issues or improvements regarding this design, feel free to send me a message.
Admins: (adminCP and modCP links can be found in footer once logged in)

Thank you.

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