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(tng33) Custom Profile Field Dropdown

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Отправлено 24 Июнь 2012 - 16:11

The (tng33) Custom Profile Field Dropdown hook displays custom profile field groups as dropdowns in the user info pane and in an optional tab on profile pages.

This hook allows you to give your members the opportunity to fill out groups of custom profile fields for things like their computer specifications, camera equipment, collections, etc. And have it displayed everywhere their User Info Pane shows, such as topics and PMs, and in their Profile, all without taking up lots of room.

I'm sure many of you who have used a lot of the big tech sites have seen the dropdowns in topics which allow you to fill out your System Specs, or Rig information, this hook gives you that ability and more by leveraging the powerful custom profile field feature built in to IP.Board. Whats more, it is not limited to just one or two dropdowns, you can have as many as you want.

  • Completely controllable from the Admin CP
  • Option to move the Profile Field Groups into their own seperate tab on Member's Profiles
  • Value Add Options to help with page load, clutter and more
  • Supports an unlimited number of Custom Profile Field Groups
  • Coded for the best effeciency using caches and avoiding taxing PHP functions
  • Uses standard IPB CSS classes so should work on any skin!
  • Non-javascript fallback to members profile or tab if enabled
  • No hardcoded text, uses Admin input and language strings
  • No additional database queries
  • No extra CSS needed (but includes unique classes for those that want it)
  • No extra Javascript loaded
  • No Template changes

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