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(MT33)IP.Content Drag-and-Drop Visual Page Layout Editor

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This Hook Will add a new Page Content type, That Is Edited in The Front-end Launched From A Link in Step Two Of The Page Editing Wizard For Pages Using This Content Type or the Page Manager listing on any page with an HTML content type. This is Only Usable With The HTML Content Type On Existing HTML Pages. The jQuery-powered javascript is designed to Seek stock .ipsLayout classes For Droppable Containers(and will let you add and remove these containers as desired).
It is Also Designed to Seek all .ipsSideBlock, .general_box, and .ccsBlock classes as draggable elements to be dropped into these containers in all page blocks, as well as all previously existing parse tags on the page.
A Swap between Live Preview and 'Titles' Mode for smoother Rearranging is available, as is a large Selection Of Blocks. You Will Be Prompted to confirm the save of your Edits, and then Will be Redirected to the Edited Page, Ending The Content Types Wizard Session and converting the Page into an HTML Content Type. Behind The Scenes, A revision of the page Is Stored, In fact using the very same methods used in the ACP. Hardened Against CSRF. Minifies The HTML before Saving the page, as well as removing extraneous helper elements used to power the interface. Provides a non-coder Friendly Page Editing interface for those who cannot code HTML but need a certain Page layout/arrangement easily.

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