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Blam Mint - IPBFangorn

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Отправлено 10 Июль 2012 - 22:06

Blam Mint was created for the forums, writing about games. He became a skinhead but universal and fit any theme. A proportionate combination of color with variations seledynowego black neon gives a great effect. We recommend using a minimum resolution skinu at 1280x1024.

Creators Blam Mint made sure that both you and the administrator had an 'all' : > at hand.


The new generation system icons are back issues, to generate icons from IP.Board v3.2.x Back in icons such as "hot topic" and one-time icon of a closed topic.


Subforums placed in two (2) columns. In this way we will not meet with a case where subforów name is too long. Are ordered.


I invite you to familiarize yourself with other photographs, placed below. (To enlarge, click on it)

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