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Enhanced PM Restrictions

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This modification allows you to specify a single or multiple restricted groups. It also allows you to specify which groups you define as "Staff".

The restricted groups maintain access to the messenger, but they cannot create new PMs, and can only receive PMs from users within a "Staff" group.

  • Choose whether to allow the restricted users to reply to a PM they receive or not. When set to no, the editor to create a reply in the conversation will not even show.
  • Optionally modify Messenger templates and AJAX drop down box on the fly to remove "Compose" links (note that it does not remove the "Send Message" links from profile and hovercard, but these cannot be used).
  • No-one can PM someone who is restricted unless they are staff, this includes attempting to invite them to a PM.
  • A restricted user cannot create new PMs at all, and can optionally be allowed to reply to PMs they receive.
  • Also stops the user sending a message via profile.
  • Helpful feedback messages for other users who may attempt to PM a restricted user.
  • Fully utilises languages system to enable non-English use.
While this hook is free, it took some hours to create and test, so Paypal donations are always welcome to webmaster [at] peteruk [dot] net

NOTE: Existing PMs will be unaffected, so if a restricted user already has an open PM with another user and you allow restricted users to reply to PMs, then they will be able to communicate with eachother. I may patch this out in a later version if feedback dictates it is a problem.

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