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IP.Content Database Callbacks

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Отправлено 24 Июль 2012 - 11:24

This Hook Will return much of the granular control and functionality of database callbacks to IP.Content 2.3.x
This is an advanced tool, do NOT come whining at me for your faulty database callback code.
It is Offered without any guarantee of suitability for any specific purpose, even though it is suitable for many.
The startUp method is now optional, and is NOT run in the ACP, while all other methods ARE where appropriate and available.
Included with this download in the ReadMe.html is a full reference of re-enabled usable database callback methods, which span every Content Data Hook present in 2.3.x, and attempt to be compatible with previous callback code/methods.
Be careful not to duplicate code used in data hooks in Content within the database callback methods... they WILL still have effect.

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