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Content Article Count in UserInfo

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Отправлено 04 Август 2012 - 06:39

This Hook Will add a count of the 'Articles' the member has submitted to the userInfoPane Template(Under Post count) that links to the list of 'articles' submitted.
This hook will not show, or run the query to count the 'articles' submitted, if search is disabled for 'articles', if the current user is not allowed to view or read the 'articles' database, if the member is 'inactive' and the current user is not a supermod, or if the current user is not allowed to use search.
The hook will also not show if the member has not submitted any 'articles' the user can view.
The hook will properly honor permissions of the 'Articles' Database when making counts.
This hook will honor the ACP Language Definition for 'Articles'.
This hook conditionally adds one single database Query to IPB pages using the userInfoPane template and reuses(may load once) the ccs_databases cache store, for all instances of usage on the page(not per member/template shown).

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