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[DNO] Unreplied Topics

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Отправлено 07 Август 2012 - 23:14

With this modification you're able to view topics that've not been replied to on your forum. This is useful for large forums where you want your members to quickly discover such topics and encourage them to be the first to discuss or help out.

  • Sidebar hook that can be configured from the ACP
  • How many items to show in sidebar
  • Define amount of minutes or hours it should take to show up in sidebar (So it's not only new topics)
  • Set a global default for forums to ignore
  • Choose member groups that are able to decide forums to ignore themselves
  • A new page styled like a forum with additional filters that are not present in the sidebar hook
This hook requires one hook xml-file to be uploaded from the AdminCP. It also includes a file you're expected to upload. If you're unable to do so however, it's possible to skip it. Please read the included readme.txt for all the details.

We're new to sharing hooks and modifications we develop to the large forums we are responsible for, so please let me know if any improvements should be done to the code etc.! Изображение

(An earlier 3.2-version of this is used on Diskusjon.no, but we've not yet upgraded that forum to 3.3. )

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