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Two Nexus Clean up Tasks

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A little share that may be useful for developers while testing Nexus etc.

1. Upload the content of upload folder over your IPB root directory.
2. Login to your ACP, go to System -> System Scheduler
3. - Fill Task Name (any)
- select suitable location of your task to: Nexus
- Task PHP File to Run field: enter the file name of uploaded task files
- Adjust Run Time options for own needs
- Select Task Enable to allow automated run time work
- remember to fill 'Task_Key' field with unique name, lowercase, no spaces, no special chars


clearNexus.php is dedicated for developers as it will clean up whole Nexus from invoices, transactions and others - DO NOT USE it over live Shop unless you want to clean up Nexus from all transactions data.

deleteCancelledInvoices.php will delete only cancelled invoices, for now any cancelled invoices on each task run, in next version of this task I will add option to set age of cancelled invoices to be cleared.

Tested since Nexus 1.5.1+, Haven't tested it on previous versions so do not give guarantee for it. Please have a look into REAMDE.txt

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