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[K-33] Gallery: Featured Images Settings

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Отправлено 26 Август 2012 - 12:29

This simple hook allows you to make a few small configuration changes to IP.Gallery's featured images and the featured images slider.

Currently, this hook has 3 settings you can play with. I may add more in the future. This was largely just a hook I made for my personal gallery, but I've seen a couple members here post about wanting to disable the gallery cut off limit alone, so I decided to write this up for anyone who wants to make use of it.

- Settings -
Featured Images Size
This setting allows you to change the image size for the patchwork image slider. This currently only applies to the patchwork slider, I'll see about adding a setting for the default slider sometime in the future. By default, IP.Gallery pulls your medium sized images. With the default settings, this is usually the best option. However, if you've more than doubled IP.Gallery's default sizes, this may be undesirable. Using excessively large images in the patchwork slider not only consumes more bandwidth, but it can also make some browsers lag. With this setting, you can safely have larger medium sized images for your display pages while using small images for your patchwork slider. Or you can even use large images, if you have some justifiable reason for that.

Disable Cutoff Date
This setting entirely disables the cutoff date for the featured images slider. By default, IP.Gallery won't use images that are over a year old, no matter if they're set as featured or not. This is largely done for

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, so you should take care when disabling this on very large boards.

Fetch images up to how many days old?
On the contrary, if you do run a very large board and are having problems with limited resources, you may want to further lower the cutoff date to a few months instead of a year. This setting will let you specify how many days old an image can be before it's excluded from the featured images slider.

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