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(Wolf) Export Hook With Version Numbers

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Recommended for anyone who develops or exports hooks on a regular basis!

Very very simple. When exporting a hook, it will change the default name (which is just the hook's key with '.xml' added to it) to a name that includes the version number(s) in it.

Using this hook as an example, it changes this:wolf_exportHookWithVersionNumbers.xmlto this:wolf_exportHookWithVersionNumbers 33000 (v3.3 Alpha).xml
Tested on IPB 3.3.4. May work for 3.0.x to 3.2.x but is untested. (If you use a version prior to 3.3.0, please leave feedback with your version of IPB and whether or not this hook worked for you.)

This hook may not be redistributed, shared, copied, or duplicated in any way without my approval.

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