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Espada Espada Premium is developed by changing the color palette poniektóre of the page. Sure, the gray background of the past are gone, and replaced it with a trendy mat. The upper part of the page (branding / header) is changed.

If you buy Espada Premium in

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, you can join to "Customers" group.

Espada has:
  • random branding
  • comfortable user menu
  • dark colors
  • new system of topic icon
  • color picker - change colors of the skin
  • 3x standard branding - from anime, games mmorpg and fps
  • and more
The pack contains:
  • Skin (3 files .xml)
  • PSD logo, branding, topic icons, forum icons
  • Tutorials - "How do I edit / add new branding" and guides the "Website Slogan"

Before downloading this file you agree to the following rules:
- You can not delete the copyright notice contained in our styles.
- Pay files are copyrighted, may not be copied and shared in any form.
- You can modify the files for your own use provided that you do not share any further in any form.


Color Picker has hundreds of thousands of available colors, with Premium Espada which will take a new pen.
Default color editing files directly Skin:
  • ipbstyles.css
  • ipb_profile.css
  • ipb_messenger.css
  • ipb_common.css

A new system for generating icons. Drawing on the idea of ​​IPB 3.1.x added icons such as the "hot topic".



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