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Отправлено 07 Сентябрь 2012 - 07:04

This hook will allow members who submit files to see who has downloaded their files.

Settings (located at the bottom of the IP.Download manager group setting):
- Enable hook
- Enable for all groups or selected groups

The number of downloads becomes clickable for members who normally wouldn't have access to view the list. Will only work for files that member has uploaded. For other files, the number will remain unclickable. (If a member can view the list of downloaders due to their member group settings, then this hook will have no affect on them.)

Difference between this and the stock option for viewing who downloaded a file is that the stock option enables it for all files and not just files the member uploaded.

Even though I've labeled this hook as being 'Alpha', I've tested it some and believe it is safe to install on a live site. However, I encourage using on a development/test site first to ensure it works as expected BEFORE installing on a live site.

Please report any issues in the support topic.

This hook may not be redistributed, shared, copied, or duplicated in any way without my approval.

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