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(MT33)Tagged Data Feeds

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This Feed source will allow you to pull feeds of data based on Tags from various applications, including Blog Entries, Downloads Files, Forums Topics, Gallery Images, Tutorials Articles, IP.Content Articles, and Database Records.
All stock configurations for said feed sources are present and honoured, excluding offset, which the tags search API cannot handle.
If the user is currently viewing an item tagged the same for the same content type(databases are each unique content types), the item will be excluded from the result set.
Feed Block Templates for the specific content types proxy to the corresponding correct stock template type(Database Records, IPContent Articles, Tutorials Articles, Gallery Images, Forum Topics, and Downloads Files), allowing re-use of existing templates pulling same-tagged data easily.
Input from request Value for tags to show is supported with the @ prefix on all Content Types.
Demo can be seen at page top

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(the scroller Articles template is not included, is merely a showing of this feeds template re-usage).
Supported Non-Content Applications Versions:
IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Gallery 5.x, IP.Downloads 2.5.x, Tutorials 1.4.3+
Required Minimum Content Version: IP.Content 2.3.2

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