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(Wolf) Reply Into New PC

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What this hook will do is add a new reply button to conversations, forum posts and other locations. The new reply button will allow you to quote content into a new conversation. This is useful if you have a conversation going with multiple people but want to respond to only one person or if someone has left a conversation and don't want to copy/paste their post into a new conversation. For forum posts or other public content, useful if you want to quote a post into a conversation without the hassle of copy/paste the content, link to post and/or topic.

  • Following items supported:
    Comments in Blogs/Calendar/Downloads/Gallery, product reviews in Nexus, posts in forums, personal conversations and notification emails.
  • Doesn't show button on content member made (they would be trying to quote their own content to themselves).
  • Doesn't show button to guests
  • Automatically adds author name and date to the quote details.
  • For forum posts, automatically adds snapback information for quote.
  • Adds link/reference to original source where content came from.
  • Enable/disable hook from a setting.
  • User group and staff access control.
  • Performs a security check so a member can't try to quote content they don't have permission to view/access.
  • Optionally change default link in email notifications to allow member to go to 'reply' screen.
  • Add a new link to notification emails. (Use <#RINPC#> in language bits.)
  • Choose which features to have enabled.
  • Language bits in three sections (all located in the core section) - buttons, exec and error.
  • Language bits for customization. Checks for extra optional language bits for additional customization.
  • Supports adding skin template bits to override built in HTML code for compatibility.
  • Debug logging for troubleshooting issues. (Off by default, still in development.)
  • Option to delete/purge log files (located in settings screen).
  • Option to skip a few times when an error might be generated.
Please read the included 'README' file for additional information.

This is a paid file/hook and purchasing it only entitles the buyer to use this hook on sites that they own. This hook may not be shared, copied, (etc etc) without prior permission. You know the drill, basically you buy it, you get to use it, but you can't give/share copies with other people, blah blah blah.

If you encounter any bugs, please visit my site to submit a bug report. If you wish to have private support, please use the client area on my site to submit a ticket. Do not PM me on here or elsewhere for personal support, as I'll simply direct you to open a support ticket on my site.

Please only use the support topic here for questions about available features, how-to-use, etc, and not for troubleshooting.

Renewals are optional and only necessary for product updates and support.

There is no 'phone-home' code within this hook other than the IPS supplied function to check for updates. No site or personal information is collected nor stored during this optional process.

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