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Отправлено 21 Октябрь 2012 - 16:49

Utopica got it's name from the word "utopia" and including some letters for the word "topic" it became Utopica. Utopica is a clean sleek light skin suiting all forums.


Text-logo: With help of font-face we've included a font where the text is easy to change. It may be removed if you want to use an image instead of the text.

Slogan: We have also included a slogan for those who needs one, it can also be removed if you don't need it.

CSS3 Transitions: The menu is bulit using sleak CSS3 transitions. (Check out the demo)

Feel Free to check out the demo for more features to be found!



What's Included?:

Изображение Skin Files
Изображение Documentation
Изображение Support on official site

Utopica works with following:

Изображение IP Board 3.3.x
Изображение IP Blogs
Изображение IP Downloads
Изображение IP Content
Изображение IP Calender
Изображение IP Nexus
Изображение IP Gallery
Изображение IP Chat

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