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[HQ] Google CSE -pro-

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<strong class='bbc'>Description</strong><br />Google CSE -pro- is an application that adds Google's Site Search as an option to your search dropdown. You can choose who's allowed to used it, and if it should always be the default option.<br />The search results will be shown in a popup or in a page integrated with your board.<br /> <br /><strong class='bbc'>Earn money with this using Google AdSense</strong><br />If you want to integrate your Google AdSense account into these search result, you need to have a custom search engine (CSE) created for your site. From the CSE Control Panel you'll find a link in the left side menu that allows you to connect your AdSense- and CSE account together.<br />Please note that I am not an AdSense users. This information about this ability is just pulled out of the documentation provided by Google.<br /><br /><strong class='bbc'>PRO version features</strong>:<ul class='bbc'><li>IPB application<br /></li><li>you can customize tabs in the search results (news, video, image, book, web...)<br /></li><li>you can modify the label of the search field<br /></li><li>you can customize popup results box (width, title, result target...)<br /></li><li>you can show the results on a page fully integrated with your board<br /></li><li>All bugs of lite version fixed</li></ul><strong class='bbc'>Compatibility</strong>:<ul class='bbc'><li>IP.Board 3.4.X <br /></li><li>IP.Board 3.3.X<br /></li><li>IP.Board 3.2.X </li></ul>

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