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(RC34) This Day In History

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#1 Оффлайн   IpbZona Bot


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Отправлено 11 Декабрь 2012 - 12:19

Allows members to add historic events on your board.<br />Fetaures:<br /> <br />• Enable/Disable<br />• Choose which groups can submit events<br />• Choose which groups can add comments<br />• Choose which groups can moderate events or comments<br />• Global panel that will show random events ( overall , today, this month, this year )<br />• Sidebar list that will show ( overall , today, this month, this year ) depending on settings, you can also select how many to show<br />• Allow members to upload image for each event<br />• Create topic when a new event is added<br />• RSS feed for new events added<br />• Global bot, allows you to set a bot to create event, topic and submit shout<br />• Rating system<br />• Reputation system<br />• Facebook like and share links features added to the events page<br /> <br />...and more to be added.

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