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Отправлено 06 Январь 2013 - 05:59

This template pulls recent blog content and format just like forum topic feed<br /> <br />Skin & SEO friendly<br /> <br />How to install<br />log in to admin cp -&gt; content -&gt; block templates -&gt; import<br /><br />How to use<br />edit or create a block -&gt; step 5 template -&gt; template gallery -&gt; select the one you just imported<br /> <br />How to upgrade<br /><del class='bbc'>Delete your IPB</del> import the newer one, it will automatically replace old one (99% sure)<br /><br />Done, have fun<br />by Eudemon (´・ω・`)<br /> <br />and BTW, don't ask question on the file page, use the support topic (BECAUSE I CANNOT COMMENT ON MY OWN FILE) ah, sorry for shouting.. すみませんでした(ヽ´ω`)

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