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(DP34) Denial of Service

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Отправлено 18 Январь 2013 - 19:02

With this mod you can force users to read and agree with your custom terms and rules before they can do anything on board.<br />Features:<ul class='bbc'><li>Enable/disable system,</li><li>Exclude (or not) search engine bots from this mod.</li><li>Select excluded groups, they can acceess to the board even if they do not agree with rules.</li><li>Whitelist feature: if you want to allow access to specific pages, even without accept rules. It's helpfull for example for a contact pages etc.</li><li>Two message types: standard and popup (can't be closed),</li><li>Cookie feature: number of days during which the user does not need to approve the access agreement form. Can be easily disabled.</li><li>Actions:</li><li>      If you choose Force DOS agreement then users from selected groups/members will be must agree with rule set below.</li><li>      If you choose Mark as forced then users from selected groups/members won't must agree with rule below.</li><li>Redirect settings: choose where you want redirect user after terms agreement. Available options: main page, specific forum/topic/post/announce by ID, main board page or custom URL.</li></ul>

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