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Image Pack 2.0

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Отправлено 23 Январь 2013 - 21:52

Bringing to you some of our award winning images, some of which have been featured in Nat - Geo, and Light and Composition, These award winning images are all processed and fixed to fit 300x300 at 300 dpi for screen size images to be used with the communities around Invision Power Board.<br /><br />Hand Picked by our staff there are 5 images for use, other sizes can be made available. Enjoy Volume 02.<br /><br />Though the images are small 300x300, they are and were taken in various places around the world. Please keep in mind the price is condusive to the work it took for each shot, but we would love to see it in a skin or used, we are making this free. remember this is real photography, not image manipulation so our photographers were in some strange situations to take these.<br /><br />We only want serious people to purchase, any questions and comments can be made to us via our site.<br /><br />Respectfully, Only One Vision!<br /><br />There are 5 images, with more to come! These images can be used to cut up and make into team icons, smileys or even use as profile images on posts, they can be used as banners ect... they come in JPG format for internet purposes.<br /><br />These images will not come with the "Sample" copyright protect, we will work off the honor system.<br /><br />We gladly accept donations,<br /> <br />Feel Free to Download Volume 01 by Clicking <a href='

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' class='bbc_url' title=''>Here</a> *Another Marketplace Link to Volume 01*

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