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(SOS34) Track Members

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Отправлено 04 Февраль 2013 - 02:56

So, you are suspicious of any member? Want to follow closely what he does on your board? This application will help you to trace the steps of this member in the following actions:<br /> <ul class='bbc'><li><strong class='bbc'>Account actions</strong><br /><ul class='bbc'><li>Sign in</li><li>Sign out</li><li>Change Display Name</li><li>Change Password</li><li>Change Email Address</li></ul></li><li><strong class='bbc'>Forum Actions</strong><br /><ul class='bbc'><li>View Topic</li><li>Follow Forum/Topic</li><li>Like/Reputation System</li></ul></li><li><strong class='bbc'>Profile Actions</strong><br /><ul class='bbc'><li>New Private Message</li><li>Private Message Reply</li><li>View Profile</li><li>Add a New Friend</li><li>Remove a Friend</li><li>New Status Update</li><li>Reply Status Update</li><li>Delete Status Update Reply</li><li>Delete Status Update</li></ul></li></ul> <br />A member can be tracked/untracked and all actions (above) can be changed at any time on his profile, with a simple click!<br /> <br /><strong class='bbc'>Notes</strong>:<br /> <ul class='bbc'><li>This application is on <strong class='bbc'>Version 1.0.0 RC 1</strong> and it has a promotional price of <strong class='bbc'>US$ 10.00</strong>. For the final version (1.0.0), will be added new features, like track members on IPS AddOns (Downloads, Blog and Gallery) and probably in some third-party addons as well, and its price will be increased to <strong class='bbc'>US$ 15.00</strong>.</li><li>Tested only on IP.Board <strong class='bbc'>3.4.1</strong> and <strong class='bbc'>3.4.2</strong>.</li><li>Suggestions, doubts or report a bug, please use the support topic or feel free to send a PM.</li></ul>

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