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Time Frame Maxium Threads Limit

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Отправлено 21 Февраль 2013 - 16:52

This application will enable you to set a maximum number of threads for your groups for a certain time frame on a forum per forum basis.<br /><br />Installation and Configuration:<br /><br />To install this application, upload the admin folder inside the Upload folder to the root of your forum folder. Then go to your Admin Panel-&gt;Application&Modules-&gt;Manage Applications & Modules and on the right side where it says: Applications Not Installed you will see a new application added called: Maximum Threads Limit. Click on the install button.<br /><br />To set the time frame threads limit, go to the Forums tab then from the drop down list choose Manage Forums. Then choose the forum and/or the forums that you want to enforce the threads limit for a certain time frame, click the edit button and you will see an extra tab added there called: Maximum Threads Limit.<br />Click it and there you can configure its settings to your likings/needs.<br /><br />1) Set the maximum number of threads for that particular forum.<br /><br />2) Choose the time frame for the threads limit.<br /><br />3) Choose the group/s that you want to enforce the time frame threads limit.<br /><br />4) And as last but not least you can set your own custom error message as well that will appear when the time frame thread limit is exceeded.<br /><br />Several screenshots of the application are attached so it will give you a more detailed idea on how it looks like when being used.

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