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(SOS34) Ads on Posts

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This hook will allow users from specific groups to insert your own ads on topics. The ads will be available below signature on their posts of selected forums.<br /> <br /><strong class='bbc'>Settings</strong>:<br /> <ul class='bbc'><li>Allowed groups to insert Ads</li><li>Groups than can view other users Ads</li><li>Forums where Ads will appear (their topics)</li></ul> <br /><strong class='bbc'>Usage</strong>:<br /> <ul class='bbc'><li>Users from allowed groups will have to go to <strong class='bbc'>My Settings</strong> (User Control Panel) and click on <strong class='bbc'>Ads On Posts</strong>, on left tabs, and insert his<strong class='bbc'> Ads Code</strong> on a field available there.</li></ul> <br /><strong class='bbc'>Notice</strong>:<br /> <ul class='bbc'><li><strong class='bbc'>Google Adsense</strong> allows to show a maximum of three ad units per page. So if a user has 10 posts in a same page of a topic, it will show only 3 ads. Read more on <a href='

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' class='bbc_url' title='External link' rel='nofollow external'>Do you have too many ad units on your site?</a>.</li></ul>

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