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Tier II Support Vacancy

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Отправлено 02 Апрель 2013 - 06:51

IPS is seeking a knowledgeable and experienced individual to join its support team in an advanced support capacity. 
Successful applicants will be responsible for answering general support tickets, including providing customers with information, troubleshooting issues not resolved as part of the general product support process and performing maintenance. You would be expected where appropriate to interact with other technicians and developers to resolve issues. 
* Must be familiar with IPS applications. 
* Must have advanced knowledge of PHP and MySQL. 
* Must be able to effectively work remotely. 
* English must be your primary language and you must possess strong verbal and written communication skills. 
Preferable, but not required: 
* Knowledge of server administration and experience working for a web hosting company. 
* Knowledge of additional web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, XML, etc. 
* Experience of working in customer support. 
* Experience working with the codebase or creating hooks/apps in the IPS Suite 
Working hours are flexible and pay will be based on knowledge and experience. Due to the nature of the position, we require all applicants to be physically located in the United States. No exceptions to United States residency requirements. 
Please contact 

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