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Отправлено 04 Апрель 2013 - 18:16

This modification will allow you to have a hierarchical structure for your forum and threads.
On default installations IPB identifies forum and thread sections as following :
Forums : domain.com/forum/id-forumname/
Threads : domain.com/topic/id-threadname/
This modification changes this and allow you to have any desired format you want. The default format that is shipped within the modification is designed to match the most used vBSEO URL format. 
Forums : domain.com/forumname/
Threads : domain.com/forumname/id-threadname.html
However with customising furlTemplates.php that is shipped with this modification , you'll have ability to customise this further to your choice. 
It also has a built in stop world filter that is also configured to match default vBSEO stopwords.
This modification is mainly targeting users who convert their boards from vBulletin + vBSEO combination or want to have better Forum Hierarchical structure power users.
With this modification you can switch your vBulletin + vBSEO combination to IPB with NO indexed thread or forum URL loss.
Once installation is completed , you'll be required to run a CLI tool to build thread and forum seo titles and once you flush your cache , you'll be good to go. 

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