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[Neo] IPC Layouts

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Introducing IPC Layouts
IPC Layouts will allow you to create the perfect homepage without touching a line of code.  Simple yet effective settings to create a three, two, or single column layout in one page only. Its an ideal hook for someone wanting to create an easy, no hassle page.  
Select the layout you would like to use, paste in the blocks you would like to put into each column, and set the size of the columns.
Please remember before you purchase that this is only intended to work for an individual page of your choice.  It cannot be used for multiple pages at once since the settings are global!

Features Include:
  • Three/Two/Single Column Layout Options.
  • Set the size of Left and Right Columns. (Middle Column auto adjusts.)
  • Insert Blocks into Left, Middle and Right Columns with simple no hassle settings. 
  • Enable/Disable a Featured Column that runs above any IPC Layout you choose.
Edit the type of Layout, size of the columns, all with preset dropdown options
Insert blocks (into Left/Right and Middle Columns).
Enable a Featured Column block that remains above your chosen layout.


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