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Отправлено 21 Апрель 2013 - 22:17

Our first dark theme for IPB and it's an amazing one to start with, this theme comes with many customisable features you can play with giving the ultimate user experience possible. Ideal for those gaming forums looking to be refreshed or even general forums wanting something new...
This theme supports all IP.Board applications to date.


Theme Settings Page 


Our theme setting page allows you to alter almost anything on our themes, ranging from the width of the forum to changing how sections are displayed. All with simple clickable buttons or input fields.




Changeable Header


If you don't want one of our pre-defined backgrounds we have given you the freedom to upload your own background in seconds either upload a new image or simply change the url.







Flexible Logo


Don't fancy creating a logo? Don't worry our theme can transform the image logo into a perfectly styled text logo blending into the theme just as well as any image can.





Styled Search

By default the search bar has been styled to match the theme and the opacity has been turned down, but this can be reverted in seconds in the theme settings page.





Guest Message

Don't let your guest members feel left out, we have created a customisable guest message which will only be shown to guests. The message can contain any message you want and as long as you like.





Clearly Social

Social links can be enabled in seconds to easily allow you to link your social networking websites to your forum. (Currently supports Facebook, Twitter and Youtube)





Restyled Footer

We've redesigned the footer on this theme, if enabled you can add your own custom links and columns to the footer - Or revert back to the orginal IP.Board footer style!


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