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(WS34) Reply PM by Email

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Отправлено 21 Апрель 2013 - 22:11

Reply PM by Email is a IP.Board Modification that allows your users to reply to Personal Conversations (PMs) by replying to the email. You can not start new Personal Conversations by email, you can only reply to existing Personal Conversations.
For people who forward emails from one account to another: The reply must be made with the email account of a member who is participating on the conversation, or it will be ignored.
Attention !
- Your host need to support PIPE Email Redirect (cPanel allows it)
- Your new pm/new reply emails' subject will change. Example: 'User has replied to a personal conversation (ID:3084)‏' and 'User started a new personal conversation with you (ID:3084)‏'. It will add the (ID:%) on the end, where % is the PM id.

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