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IPB Responsive by Tom Christian

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IPB Responsive
IPB Responsive will convert your forum skin into a mobile and tablet compatible skin using responsive design. By adopting this technology, your site will effortlessly scale to any device size or resolution without the need for a separate theme.
Device Compatibility
A huge perk of responsive design is that your theme will automatically adjust to any screen width. This hook has been tested on the following devices: iPhone (3,4,5), Samsung Galaxy (S1, S2 & S3), iPad (1,2,3,4,mini) & Nexus S.

Custom Skins
This hook is built for the default IPB skin. If you're using a heavily customised skin, you're more than likely going to experience issues. Feel free to send me the theme you're using and I'll attempt to make this hook compatible with it.

IPS Addons
This hook will soon fully support all official IPS add ons. At the moment, there is very basic support for IP.Nexus, Chat, Downloads & Content.
Bug Reporting
Please submit any bug reports on the IPS Maketplace or Tomchristian.co.uk depending on where you purchased the hook. Please include detailed descriptions of your issue.

Renewal Costs
Due to the huge amount of on-going support and updates required to keep this hook alive, I've introduced a renewal fee for the first time.

Feature requests & suggestions
I'm happy to consider any feature requests or suggestions.

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