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Radic (Dark) For the <3 of Gaming

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Radic -- For The Love of Gaming

Radic is a dark, detailed gaming theme (but can be used for other type of sites as well). What's unique about this skin is the amount of detail put into many elements for the overall design. But that's not really what makes Radic unique. It's the user sidebar that was created to steer away from the traditional design that IPB offers and to spice things up a little more, if you're not a fan of the sidebar, but like the design.. have no fear! You can disable this sidebar via an included setting. Or maybe it's not the sidebar, but the sleek and sexy jQuery search bar that you can toggle to drop down and up -- Maybe it's the sexy navigation menu that gives the theme a unique scifi, yet fulfilling navigation? Maybe it's the amount of detail that was put forth into the Header background that gives  the theme the overall grungy feel, while still being 100% presentable to any of your community members?
Radic is the perfect gaming skin for all you grunge loving, sci-ifi, community goer nerds, that will be sure to super impress anyone in your community! Let's just say it's sexy and packed full of features.
You can view a demo by simply visiting the link in the demo site and then changing the skin to Radic

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