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This application will allow you to create your very own Live Stream system that rivals pretty much any live stream application/page out there today.  What this application does is allow anyone you specify based on permissions to submit their own Streams. Right now this system supports Twitch.TV and others are going to be added shortly down the road.. The user will submit their Stream Name or the URL of the stream which is then parsed and displayed in the Stream Listing/Grid page.   
This is done by collecting various information from that channel's source through the API(s) and output for display on the page. The user can then click on any of the submitted streams to be taken to the Stream's Display which contains the video feed. From this screen, you can watch the stream, toggle the embedded chat and chat if you have a twitch/justin.tv account, comment on the streams and rate them as well. There are also 3 buttons that you can click to take you to the actual feed on the Twitch.TV site, add a stream and finally, a "DIM" button which is a sexy feature that will dim everything around the video for easier viewing.
This application comes with an application menu that has an Overview Page, Settings Page and a Converter page for those that have the IP.Content version of this app. It also has 30+ settings for complete control over the application from requiring submission approval to enable/disabling a box-shadow of streams that are unapproved and much much more.



  • Add/View Streams from Twitch.TV
  • View a listing of the user submitted Streams via Online/Offline Status, Preview, Channel Name, Game Name, Viewers, and even Online Time.
  • Sorting via Channel Name, Game Name and Viewer Count. Groups allowed to manage streams also have a tab for unapproved streams.
  • Permission sets for who can view, add, manage streams as well as comment, manage comments.
  • Set streams as "Featured" in-line on the Stream page.
  •  Dim the page for easier viewing, Rate, Comment and even toggle the Streams embedded chat as well as an option to view the stream on the official website.
  • Moderation through the Stream display  where you can Edit, Delete, Approve/Unapprove and Set as Featured/Un-featured.
  • Takes use of IPB's Global Styling so theoretically supports any properly skinned theme.
  • 2 hooks with settings included to show a listing block or a block using IPB's Hovercards with feed data about the stream.
  • Overview menu of the stream page that will show the top submitter, latest submitted, the total number of viewers online and more...
  • Over 30+ settings for complete control over the Live Stream system -- Check the screenshots to see them all.
  • Select to use a List view or a Grid view
  • Post a new topic in a specified forum on new submissions. If you have Marcher Tech's Twitch/Justin.TV media tag, it will also embed the stream to your forums.
  • SEO friendly URL's
  • And much much more!



PHP 5.3+ and IPB 3.4.X




IP.Content Version Owners

If you own the IP.Content version and want to convert to this one, there is a one time upgrade fee for the price difference between the apps ( only $12) Simply pay the difference via PayPal and I'll add you to the list. Note that you will still have to pay the renewal terms!








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