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Italian Launguage Pack

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This translation has been redone from scratch. I had to eliminate three groups sentences, a lot of phrases without translation and other translation of this release. I hope I have not missed anything. To load this translation, follow the instructions below.

Visit your Admin Control Panel > "Look / Feel" tab and click Manage Languages.

Using the 'Upload language pack from your computer' section, browse for the supplied "language xml.gz" and click Import.

Importing language packs can be slightly resource intensive, especially with larger packs. Please be patient as it make take a short time to complete the operation. The translation is only forum and is divided into three files for easier loading, You will also find a txt file with instructions to install it. This translation was done using Unicode characters, so that it can not give any type of error after installation. Please report any errors in omeka_1@yahoo.it

Read this message to restore the English language after import:

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