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Smart Theme

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Отправлено 19 Июнь 2013 - 15:03

Important: Please remember to follow this file to be notified when the skin is updated .
News: Special reduced price for the first release.
Smart Skin by Ajouz

Global Overview
Board index
Support and settings
Full Description:
1-Header Settings:
  • admin can choose between:slider, html header, blank.
  • admin can choose where to show the slider : everywhere , board index ,ip.content
2-Slider jQuery Plugin Settings (standalone price 10$ -you got it for free ) :
  • can run videos and images with build-in settings to manage it ,
  • integration with Ip.content articles included also
  • Touch swipe for iOS and Android mobile devices is of course included
  • advance users can create unlimited effects .
3-Borad index settings: Our Different board index layouts can be chooses through admin panel :
  • Topics Mode : which is suitable for Q&A Sites
  • Forums Mode : which is Grid Mode style with forums icon support
  • default Mode : the original IPB board index
  • Category Mode : which is one column mode with category image support
4- customizing : more than 180 setting to control the skin. for example we have
  • default background (called default css class)
  • text logo vs image logo setting
  •  Footer Bar  settings
  • welcome message block" settings
  • social media  settings
  • etc ......................
5-Install and customize :
  • Basic Documents included
  • Slider documentations  :
    a- no (html , css ,java) knowledge : we create a quick start settings , just copy images links and video id and put them in the skin settings
    b- basic knowledge in (html , css ,java) : a basic documents included
6-Bonus (Without Support: take it as it or leave it)
  • responsive layout
  • counter block with settings (standalone price 4$, you got it for free)
  •  Feed blocks with images
  • testimonial block
  • pricing tables (Nexus block ) standalone price 4$, you got it for free
  • short codes
  • custom columns layouts (feed blocks)
  • image set xml
  • skin xml
  • image set available on request
  • instructions
  • skin hook
8-Support :
  • Support provide using support topic
  • the response time is 24/48 hour.
  • support closed in weekend.
  • bugs related to jquery sliders will be redirect to the original developer. so this may take some time to got a response about it .
  • the extra Bonus stuffs like responsive layout (mobile friendly) is not included in the support.
9-Copyright and Licenses:
1- Skin framework developed by Ajouz from ips-skins.com
2-Jquery Slider developed by

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