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40 Professional Chiseled Team Icons

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40 Professional Chiseled Team Icons by Boost Samurai
This package includes a total of 40 pre made Team Icons, ready to use, in two slightly different flavours, one with shadows around the icons and one without.

If you prefer to cook your own, two different versions of the PSD files are also included. In addition,the PSD files have been arranged for easy modification to suit your own needs. And, to aid international users, the standard Arial font has been used which should be available on all systems, making editing quick and easy.

Package Description
  • 2 x PSD files included
  • Standard Arial font used for international text editing & compatibility
  • 20 PNG Team Icons without shadows
  • 20 PNG Team Icons with shadows
How to Install
  • Unzip the files and upload all the .png files to /public/style_extra/team_icons folder via your FTP Client.
  • Go to your ACP and go to Member Groups -> Manage Member Groups.
  • Then Click the Group you wish the change the rank image for and tell IP.Board where the image is. Ex: public/style_extra/team_icons/admin.png

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