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SpaceBound -- A Full IP.Content/Forum experience

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+++++++ Welcome to SpaceBound +++++++

Powered with a fully unique IP.Content Portal



SpaceBound is a clean, detailed theme release that has plenty of unique features that differs than any of the theme releases out currently.
What's unique about Space Bound is the fact that a single background change can alter the overall genre of your website. It can be anything from gaming to scifi or even news and sports, there is nothing this theme can't be geared for.
The biggest and by far the best feature about SpaceBound is a custom IP.Content portal included in the package that is unlike any of the IP.Content portals you see out there today in other theme releases on the marketplace. This portal is 100% unique and coded just for SpaceBound ensuring that no one BUT SpaceBound owners have this same portal. And no, this theme just isn't some little bit of extra lines of styling to make it match the forum theme, this is a 100% unique portal, check the screenshots if you don't believe me! You'll get a customized Article News feed, a Recent Forum Activity block, and styled Poll/Status update blocks on the side
The portal is currently made up of custom coded blocks in IP.Content and a couple are already provided in the marketplace (Aiwa's Article block and NeoGrants IPC Slider). Aiwa's article block is restyled and customized to better fit the theme while the download package contains a default.css style sheet and slider buttons for use in NeoGrants IP.C Slider for those who have purchased it. Down the road these 2 blocks will be replaced by my own custom news and slideshow blocks to better fit all of my future designs.
The forums were built upon the powerful ThemeTent framework provided by Mathew at ThemeTent.com and we've both ensured that you'll get a unique experience with this theme from top level support to a simply stunning design. But that's not all, we've taken it a step further to make sure this theme isn't just compatible, but improved on with other applications such as ProMenu with a better looking dropdown menu's.
Overall, don't miss out on this theme -- You'll see plenty of updates and unique features that you simply won't find anywhere else. 
What's included
+ Skin files
+ Logo.PSD
+ IP.Content Portal including the frontpage code and the IP.Content blocks
+ IPC Slider (By NeoGrant) theme changes to fit the theme
+ Read_Me instructions
What's coming soon
+ Hook to edit the footer links and various other parts provided by ThemeTent
+ Custom News block custom written specifically for the theme
+ Custom Slider for articles/images/videos using the powerful FlexSlider

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