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My Media (sharedmedia): Other member's images

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Отправлено 01 Октябрь 2013 - 00:27

This straightforward hook modifies the "Gallery Images" tab of the "My Media" / Sharedmedia pop-up to make other approved images available for use.  On initial load of the Gallery Images tab the results are the same as the current implementation.  If you type text in the "Search" box at the bottom of the My Media pop-up and click "Search", it will find images within the entire IP.G system (that are approved) where the text searched for exists within the image caption(image/upload title).  Specifically, this gives members the ability to re-use images uploaded by other members within their content via the My Media pop-up, not JUST their own image uploads.
Because both the initial dataset (no search string) is automatically limited by the logged in member's id and a search string specified dataset are limited, it should avoid nasty problems with loading the entire gallery of images! smile.png
This is the first time I've offered a file in the marketplace so please be understanding as I work through the learning curve involved, this is a bit of a trial run to see if it's worth the support hassle ( :: looks at Robert :: ).  I'm not sure if there will be a need/use for this hook post 4.0, but I use it on my own site so if needed I will modify it to work with 4.0 once it's available.
I welcome feedback as to how the search function should be extended, I'm currently planning the next version of this hook to search for a match in the membername (the member that uploaded/owns the image), the image title and possibly the image description.  
Not sure what to provide in terms of a screenshot, but I'll provide a link to the site this was developed for as soon as we open the site to the public in couple weeks. Please let me know via support topic if you have any problems or questions.
Simply download the file then go to:
ACP -> System => Applications & Modules  =>  Manage Hooks then click on the "Install Hook" button.
Navigate to the xml file you downloaded, select it then click "Install" in the ACP dialog.
That's it.  
Enjoy! smile.png

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